The cost of disengaged employees

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The cost of disengaged employees

Employee engagement has become a buzzword not only for Human Resources Professionals but also business executives as the impact of happy and engaged employees have become more transparent. Some Facts Gallup research in the US shows: 30% employees are engaged and inspired at work 20% are actively disengaged 50% are just present The research also

Creating a future workforce

In a time where we are moving fast into a digital age, everything and everybody are becoming connected through devices, whether for social or commercial purposes. Gartner predicts that digital business incompetence will cause a quarter of businesses to lose their competitive ranking by 2017. The development of digital talent will make or break your

Social HR impacting business

We are entering a time of Social HR, where companies are integrating social technologies into their employee life cycles, from recruitment, skills development and employee engagement to employee exit. Traditional HR is quickly adapting to manage employees in a time of more intense and advanced use of social media. Some key areas in Social HR:

New tech enhances skills

New technologies based on cloud computing and mobility are making skills development a richer and more engaging experience for both employees and employers. Skills development is enhanced by the use of multiple devices while allowing employers real-time integrated views of their talent and skills development across their employee life cycle. This leads to more effective

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