Change Management

What is change?

Change management helps business to align the organisation in achieving desired business outcomes. Change management deals with managing business through the change cycles introduced through changes in operations, business processes, organisation, technology or strategy etc.

Change management looks at the entire impact of the change that includes people, process strategy and technology to determine the best way to deal with the change for sustainable benefits.

Why use it?

Most people who have been through change initiatives will agree that the most difficult aspect was changing people. Not only people, but to ensure everything that impacts the organisation has been identified and managed, whether it is new processes, technology, organisational structures or job roles to mention a few.

Change Management provides business with the capability to manage required changes to achieve desired outcomes. This may be on a departmental or organizational level.

When to use change?

Change is typically used in driving new initiatives or in the introduction of changes in current operations. This includes:

  • System implementations
  • Strategy implementations
  • Business initiatives
  • Operational improvements
  • Restructures and re-organisations
  • Employee engagements on brand or culture
  • Internal and external communication programmes

Is all change management the same?

Change is not all the same. Some companies focus on softer side of change, such as coaching and development. At Piilo Consulting, we believe change is an integral part of business and should help drive the achievement of business results. We work across people, process, strategy and technology to ensure a holistic approach in the delivery of business benefits. Piilo Consulting has experience across various industries, countries and projects, from technology, operations, strategy and customer engagements to restructures.


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